Play a Strange but Fun Game Short Life!

If you are a fan of crazy and odd games that are odd by nature but are still fun to play, then the game called “short life” is probably for you. This is a game that has the sole objective for the character of not dying. You play the character of a simple human person who is running for his life through various obstacles.

The goal of the Short Life game seems to be to avoid all of those obstacles as best you can. You do not want to get hit by a spike or a saw or bomb or any other ridiculous thing that may come up in your path. If you are unable to avoid those things, you die and have to start all over again. It means that this game is both aptly named and a test of your hand-eye coordination.

There are little hints that pop up on the screen as you are playing the Short Life free game. They are worth paying attention to. They may just tell you what is about to happen next in the level that you are on. They can save the life of your character if you heed the warnings and thus avoid whatever it is that is just around the corner.

While you are paying attention to those hints and trying to avoid the various deadly objects, also try to collect as many stars along the way. I told you this game was odd. Those stars will allow you to unlock new characters along the way as you continue to play. The more stars that you collect in Short Life, the quicker you can exchange them for new characters and have more fun with the game as a result.

The game has a total of sixteen levels that get progressively harder as you go along. It is fun in a lot of ways to compete with yourself and see how few times you can have the little guy die as you make your way through the levels. Honestly, most people are not able to make it through the whole Short Life game without having the guy die at least a few dozen times, if not more! Download Short Life Games from Google Play Store.