New Mission Is Available In The New Game LEGO Avengers Iron Man!

LEGO Avengers Iron Man is a Flash game licensed by Marvel. It takes advantage of the joint LEGO Marvel license. This license has delivered video games, books, LEGO sets and many other items that are inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also other Marvel sources, such as the comic books. This Iron Man game is rather ambitious for a Flash experience and delivers a full-blown 2D side-scroller.

The LEGO Avengers Iron Man game starts with a lightweight tutorial that explains how to move the flying Iron Man left, right, up and down with the arrow keys. The space bar fires your lasers. Holding down the space bar gives you a heavy attack. As the story goes, Thor’s brother Loki is up to no good. You’ll fly through the sky over New York avoiding attacks while aiming to destroy mines, aircraft piloted by Loki’s minions and, of course, Loki himself. The object of the game is to score as high as possible. You can’t die permanently, but losing your shields and being reset will reduce the highest score available to you.

As you’d expect from a Flash game with the Marvel and LEGO games, the graphics are solid. The New York skyline that serves as the background is detailed enough, but Iron Man, Loki and the other LEGO figures look just like there counterparts in other Marvel Lego properties. The animations aren’t complex, but what’s there—such as Loki firing his staff at you—is quite good.

The music that plays in the background in LEGO Avengers Iron Man is simple but feels momentous and does the job. It can get a little repetitive if you get hooked into reaching the leaderboard. The sound effects are limited but solid, and it did seem like the default sound level of the game was a tad high.

LEGO Avengers Iron Man is a cool game that sets the bar really high for other Flash games that don’t have the backing of Juggernauts like Marvel and LEGO. We would like to have seen an extra level or three, and we understand the no actual deaths with the LEGO branding, but a version of the game where Loki could actually win would be pretty neat too.