Go On A Date With Your Prince Charming In The Cool Elsa Online Dating Game!

Elsa Online Dating begins with Elsa, “The Little Mermaid’s” Ariel and “Aladdin’s” Jasmine, socializing and discussing how Elsa should get into dating. The player is then presented with Elsa looking on her smart phone and using Tinder to pick out various males belonging to Disney films. Elsa’s potential dates are limited to Tarzan, Aladdin, Kristoff from Frozen, Li Shang from “Mulan” and human Prince Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog.” After picking a candidate and seeing if the guy is interested, Elsa can choose to go through with a date or look through other options. Gameplay transitions to the second stage upon agreeing to go out on a date.

The second stage of Elsa Online Dating’s gameplay has Elsa deciding her outfit from five pages of clothing and accessories. This part also serves as the first part of the paper doll element like in most of the dating games. After going through tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes and accessories, and confirming how much or how little Elsa will wear, the player can click “Next” in the lower right corner to transition to the third stage of gameplay. The third stage functions identically to the second stage, except the player now gets to decide on what sort of outfit will be worn by Elsa’s date, including whether or not the character has any tattoos.

When assessing Elsa Online Dating’s overall presentation, the background music is boring but inoffensive and can be toggled off if the player prefers. Sound effects are nearly nonexistent. While graphics are perfectly serviceable, the introductory cutscene, which serves as the framework for Elsa Online Dating’s premise and can be skipped, has some disturbingly stiff animations for the three Disney royals; Ariel and Jasmine’s outfits gain and lose accents depending on which pose they are in. When boiled down to its basic mechanics, a paper doll game works best when the player can identify what the virtual doll is wearing; Elsa Online Dating is perfectly acceptable in this capacity, with every outfit being clearly and crisply drawn.

Overall, Elsa Online Dating is a harmless and acceptable paper doll game that gains nothing but an increased likelihood of being removed for violating the trademarks of two major companies and drawing the ire of Disney fans for pairing Elsa off with male characters that have been confirmed to already be paired.