Fast And Colorful Game – Color Tunnel!

Color Tunnel is a fast-paced tunnel rush game that runs in-browser. Gameplay is very easy; simply use the arrow keys to navigate a tunnel full of obstacles. The goal is to travel as far as possible without crashing.

The graphics are eye-popping, even trippy at times. The tunnels are decorated with bright bands of colors in the color tunnel. The hazards are easily distinguishable against everything else. Ultimately, the graphics are simple, but not lazy. They brilliantly fill the screen with a stimulating environment without taking visual shortcuts.

The music is reminiscent of classic 8-bit games. Fast-paced and repetitive, it encourages concentration and gets the player into the “mood” of the game. The music is the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae. It seals the deal, makes everything come together and is overall pleasant.

As a player progresses in color tunnel, they’ll encounter many different traps. All of them require quick reflexes and attention to detail. There’s only two ways to dodge an obstacle (left or right) so it encourages the player to get creative and think outside the box. Timing is essential.

Despite being such a simple game, it is very addicting. The map is slightly different every time you restart, keeping things interesting. I feel like I could accidentally play this for an hour without noticing the time.

You don’t have to sign up or download anything to play this game, which is nice. The only reason you’d have to make an account is to appear on the leaderboard. (Where scores are in the millions!) Aside from that, the game automatically keeps track of your high score.

Overall, I would recommend the color tunnel game to anyone who just wants to kill some time. It’s easy to begin playing and holds your attention. The spinning and bright colors do make me a little dizzy at times (which may have been intentional) but it’s all a part of the challenge. It’s a good game for all ages.