Deer Hunter Training Camp – Not Just Another Hunting Game!

Honestly, I found the Deer Hunter Training Camp game to be a lot of fun! It’s a very simple concept, but very entertaining! The fact that it is fairly challenging yet simple is a great combo! I think this game would be fun to play with a friend while challenging each other to get the highest score! A game that can be learned quickly while still being challenging can be the best to play with others!

The game got even more addicting the more difficult the activities became! I found myself laughing at the fact that I was having such a hard time and wanting to defeat the stupid target! The variety of different challenges made me start to have to strategize which I enjoyed even more! I feel an honest sense of accomplishment when I receive a good score! One critique I have about┬áDeer Hunter Training Camp is if I clicked outside of the target for too long, you couldn’t let go to start a new shot. I clicked outside of the target for a longer period of time to get a better look at the background.

Though I would enjoy a bit more detail for the tree, ground, and mountains, I really appreciated the falling leaves detail. It really added to the atmosphere! The detail for the hand and gun graphics could be improved as well, but I found myself not even focusing on them so it didn’t bother me much at all. It would be great if the game offered the chance to train in different areas such as a forest, inside shooting range, or shooting birds.

I enjoyed the ability to earn money to buy different targets and gun, but would request a larger variety of shooting targets to choose from. To be able to buy a plastic duck, a carboard cut out of a robber, or flying discs would be even more fun! I look for games that I can personalize. Nevertheless, Deer Hunter Training Camp is a great free online hunting game to play!