Conquer A Territory With A Helicopter In The Cool Game Defly.IO! is one of the web-based helicopter games that pits you against other pilots vying for control of the skies. After picking a skin and a nickname, you’ll spawn immediately into the battlefield where you’ll try to build the largest base of all. In spite of a few design problems, the game is fast-paced and fun.

Even for a web-based game, utilizes a minimalist graphical scheme. It’s white, box-laden background looks like a piece of index paper. Luckily, the game encourages you to build bases that add quite a bit of color to the world.

The individual rounds that fire from each helicopter’s primary attack are big enough to stand out in a bad way. These circular objects also have poor hitboxes that are too small for their size. Without question, the biggest graphical issue in is the unstable nature of the playing screen. In its current state, the game’s screen becomes unstable during moments of high intensity. As the game is still in beta, its likely that these problems will be ironed out in the future.

Despite some questionable graphics decisions, features gameplay that’s simple and addictive. The map is a sandbox on which you must drop towers that connect with one another. Connected towers create walls that protect you from enemy fire and destroy enemies on contact. You can use towers to take over large swathes of the map and gain points to spend on upgrades. These upgrade points can be applied to the speed of your chopper, the strength of your towers and several other categories.

Each of the game’s regional servers is populated with dozens of players at any time. You might drop into a battle where one player has control of most of the map, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a corner of the map where you can start building your own base. The dogfights are where the game stands out. Building walls while fending off attacking players is the heart and joy of the game. The controls are tight, and every function in the game can be completed with the ‘WASD’ keys and the mouse. ‘Right-click’ and ‘space’ are both used for placing towers, but using the space bar sometimes scrolls to the bottom of the web page. This is a common problem in web-based games.

As of right now, is a 7.5 out of 10. Its graphical issues occasionally make the experience feel a bit funky, but the base-building dogfights make up for it.