Can You Do It Again In Impossible Quizmas Game?

It’s hard to make quiz games work well. There’s a tendency for the games to be quite dry, for example, that is really hard to overcome when you are working with dry facts. At the same time, there’s a tendency to go too silly and remove all of the challenges from the game. There’s also the sad fact that quiz games are beaten a little too easily in an age of quick Google searches, which makes these games even harder to put together. How do you overcome all these problems? If you’re not sure, you might want to take a look at the Impossible Quiz.

The Impossible Quiz is one of those internet stalwarts that’s aged decently well. What hasn’t tended to age as gracefully are the sequels and knock-offs. Impossible Quizmas is one of those numerous sequels, one that goes for the charm and fun of the original game without really getting to the heart. It’s not that it isn’t fun or clever, of course – there are some great questions and some really cool puzzles here. It just doesn’t feel quite as much fun as it did years ago. The internet has moved on while this game has stayed largely the same.

There’s a lot of nonsense in the Impossible Quizmas. Some of the answers are pure random chance – you’re not going to be able to guess them on your first try unless you are very lucky. Some of those random answers become running jokes, though, which is nice for those who actually want to complete the game over multiple turns. There are a few puzzles, though, that are just too random to be fun. They can knock you out of a lengthy game too quickly and leave you too angry to keep playing – definitely not what anyone was shooting for with this game.

Impossible Quizmas is a look at how you can almost do a quiz game well. It’s fun in spots and will make you laugh. Too much of an emphasis on being random and a few bad puzzle designs definitely relegate this one to the “not quite right” pile, though. It’s worth playing if you can’t find the original Impossible Quiz or if you absolutely need a few more Christmas-themed laughs. It’s good enough to try at least once, but perhaps not good enough for you to keep playing until the game is finished.